About FilaBlend


FilaBlend makes uniquely creative multicolored filament.





No special equipment is required. If you can use 1.75 mm PLA, you can use FilaBlend.




All three colors print at once, giving you a uniquely creative effect. Use FilaBlend for your next project!



Sample packs

Curious to see what FilaBlend can do for you? Get a sample pack!




Curated blends:

We’ve tested dozens of colors to come up with our favorites.

We are currently taking pre-orders! Get yours now!



Color Lab Subscription:

Try a 3 new blends every month!  You never know which ones will be your favorite. Color Lab has free shipping!






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We are just 3 guys that love all things 3D printing. Let us know what you think of our company, product, or website.